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28 • mar • 2016

Love + Lettering



Looking to get into a new hobby? I promise you’ll pass all sorts of time trying to perfect your hand lettering skills. I’ve been playing around with modern calligraphy and hand lettering since last year.  No I wasn’t a natural at first scribble,  but yes I have always had somewhat decent handwriting so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Practice makes better right? Plus this lovely thing called “Intro to Modern Calligraphy” makes a world of difference in your practice!

If you’re in the Orlando area, I have taken a number of classes by @flaxandwooldesigns hosted at a cute little paper boutique in Ivanhoe village called @papergoatpost. Jessalyn (flaxandwool) is one of my favorite handletter-ers to learn from. She is sweet, encouraging, so talented, and her testimony is beautiful! She offers a range of classes from learning handlettering, intro to modern calligraphy, brush lettering, wood & lettering, and so much more.  If you’re not located in Florida, don’t fret theres tons of incredibly talented calligraphers out there that you can learn from!  Go check them out below and be sure to post your progress!!



 Scarlet and Gold shop @scarletandgold


Hand lettered desgin @handlettereddesign


 Feast Calligraphy workshops @feasting

California + Washington

 Molly Jacques workshop @mollyjacques


The Scribble Studio workshops @thescribblestudio

New York + LA + Toronto + Seattle +

Boston + Little Rock + Houston + Austin

Laura Hooper Calligraphy @lhcalligraphy


 Paper goat post with Jessalyn Bray, @flaxandwool


 Pieces Calligraphy


 Madeleine Calligraphy @m.calligraphy

If you want daily practice inspiration, Follow Handlettered ABC’s for daily word challenges!

Happy Lettering Bond Girls!


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