Liz Carroll Interiors is seeking a Senior Interior Designer in Wilmington, NC.

Looking for an experienced Interior Designer with CAD, Revit and/or SketchUp skills

Description of Duties

  • Work with CEO on Concept Phase on assigned projects produce and assist as needed; conceptual sketches, sources, vendor options, materials, colors, floor plans and all conceptual options and choices for project
  •  Create client budgets and budget options
  •  Create proposals and contracts for new clients with fees and budgets to be approved by CEO
  • Assist with Client Meetings – On and Off Site
  • Accompany CEO to assigned client meetings
  • Take notes and /or record meetings
  • Measure spaces and record in client files and enter room/space layouts in space planning software
  • Once back at office, compile notes and insert info into project documentation, Studio Webware and task list
  •  Assist CEO in project concept, assembly and presentation
  • Prepare Presentations for Clients
  • Responsible for putting together all information and presentation materials for client presentations
  • Responsible for delegating to junior designer as appropriate for assistance
  • Prepare Design meetings with CEO
  • Prepare and give comprehensive design presentations to CEO for approval and direction on assigned projects
  • Secondary Client Liaison – Implementation on Assigned Projects
  • Work directly with client on all aspects of design implementation
  • Responsible for representing the firm’s image and professionalism at all times
  •  Responsible for controlling the client’s experience throughout the design process


  • Create and detail specifications as needed to ensure accurate product and service on assigned projects
  • Create project skeleton in Power Point and Google Slides
  • Aid in proper project documentation in Studio Webware
  • Responsible for ensuring vendor accuracy for each product

Product Sourcing, Quoting and Pricing

  •  Lead vendor liaison on assigned projects
  • Work with vendors on all aspects of sourcing, quoting, specifying and pricing
  • Go to various tile, countertop, plumbing showrooms to source selection of initial concept options
  • Responsible for ensuring accurate incoming and outgoing information to and from the vendors
  • Responsible for effective delegation to junior designer as needed for assistance
  • Project Management Lead
  • Propel creation and timing of outgoing proposals
  •  Meet timelines and fiscal goals on all assigned projects
  • Increase speed and efficiency of project completion

Coordination with Office Manager

  • Ongoing communication and coordination of various tasks with Office Manager so team is in sync
  • These tasks will include: quotes, pricing, sourcing, information gathering, presentation assistance, proposal assistance, data entry, vendor follow-ups, filing, binder maintenance and general concept and implementation phase assistance

Floor Plans and Detail Drawings

●      Work with CEO and take the lead on floor plan development

●      Develop drawings and detailed visuals for your assigned projects

●      Use CAD (or similar space planning tool) to create digital layouts of all spaces

●      Work with rendering artist to provide all specifications needed to complete rendering

All Aspects of Project Management

  • Print out project worksheets as needed to audit active projects
  • Make sure there are no overlooked items and all orders and project details are as they should be
  • Work with Office Manager to get updated information on orders
  • Make sure all details and updates are entered into Studio Webware for assigned projects
  • Inspect in person all items that arrive for client projects at receiving warehouse

Project Documentation, Proposals and PO’s

  • Enter in all item information and produce proposals
  • Send out proposal packages to clients and follow-up with them as needed to get proposals modified if necessary and approved
  • Partner with Office Manager as appropriate for assistance
  • Confirm all information and create all Purchase Orders for Office Manager to expedite
  • Work with Office Manager to ensure all Studio Webware records, binders and files for assigned projects are accurate and up to date

Coordinate Project and Subcontractors as needed

  • Inspect, measure and photograph work in progress as needed
  • Work and coordinate with vendors, contractors and subs as needed to assure detail accuracy

Inspection of Goods

  • Inspect delivered goods and confirm their accuracy as needed
  • In the event an items has been damaged or arrived incorrectly, delegate follow up work to Office Manager

Facilitate Installations

  • Work with Office Manager to ensure all details prior to installation are attended to; delivery team, installation materials, site specifics, keys, travel arrangements, alarm codes, lightbulbs, etc
  • Confirm installation item list
  • Arrange for additional artwork or accessories as appropriate           and approved by CEO
  • Work with Office Manager and CEO to arrange for client gifting and client services
  • On installation day, work with delivery and installation team to ensure proper placement of all goods
  • Final approval with CEO on project installation
  • Post Project Follow up
  • Up-sell any additional accessories, memo items and artwork
  •  Create punch-list for team with assigned contact names, tasks and dates to complete after instalation if there are any loose ends to finsh
  •  Work with client to finish all loose ends quickly
  • Prepare and provide maintenance binder to client
  • Work with CEO and Office Manager to provide an appropriate gift
  • Follow up call to client post project closure

Client Services

  • Throughout design process take the lead on, (and in some tasks, partner with Office Manager); all birthday and other cards, notes, update emails, proper presentation and packaging for correspondence and deliverables, client gifting, customer service and any other detail to provide an exceptional branded experience for the client

Fiscal Responsibility for Interior Design Profit on all Assigned Projects

  •  Work with Office Manager and CEO on project metrics
  • Track costs associated with project
  • Responsible for hitting and exceeding project profit goals


  • 5+ years interior design experience
  • High proficieny in CAD, Revit or SketchUp
  • Maintain professional demeanor & dress at all times.
  • Must be energetic, with a passion for design.
  • Must have a team oriented focus and ability to support and work well with others
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Must be technologically literate and able to learn new programs easily.
  • Need to be able to handle multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Must be extremely honest, reliable, punctual, professional and have personal stability
  • Must be self motivated and work well with minimal supervision
  • Need to be disciplined, independent, inquisitive and flexible to changes.
  • Must be able to follow directions, listen and communicate well
  • Must be detail oriented and able to uphold a high standard of excellence
  • Strives to provide excellent customer service
  • Seek out and learn about our vendors and products to speak confidently with clients/customers.  This requires a ‘self-starter’ mindset and researching on your own time
  • Persistent in follow through – keeps trying to get a task done
  • Big picture view- understand what the desired end result is and determine the best way to get there
  • Must be able to provide 3 personal and 3 professional references

To Apply

Send resume to:
Subject: Senior Interior Designer via Bond Twenty