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24 • jan • 2018

January Beauty Favorites: The Busy Bee Makeup Guide



Happy New Year! I love having the chance to start fresh, and this means adding new makeup products to my beauty routine. I perform well when I look and feel my best. However, I don’t always have the time to spend hours perfecting my look each morning. I’m usually rushing out the door, trying to create the perfect contour using my car mirror as I sit in LA traffic. Are you a busy bee like me?! These three beauty products are my January favorites because they are easy to apply during a jam-packed day, and the results are long lasting!


I am obsessed with lip cosmetics: gloss, lipstick, plumper, stains and basically anything else one can apply. I wear lip gloss every single day, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Unfortunately, many lip cosmetics are drying and can leave lips dehydrated and looking flaky. Two words: not attractive. I spent New Years Eve in Chicago, and I realized the cold weather was worsening my “dry lip” situation and a minor panic began to set in. I finally decided to take action because Chapstick wasn’t solving the issue. Thus, I set out to find the perfect lip scrub, and after trying many samples, I found it! The Sara Happ Lip Scrub makes my lips ridiculously soft and supple. I simply massage a dime size amount onto my lips for 1 minute, and then I wipe it off using a tissue. This scrub will bring your natural color back to life and leave your lips smooth and silky for days.


I recently had my makeup done, and the artist applied my foundation using the NARS Velvet Foundation Stick (Shade Vallauris). I became instantly obsessed! This is the perfect foundation for anyone looking for medium coverage and a soft matte finish. The foundation stick includes a built-in removable touch-up blender designed exclusively for the formula, so it’s a must-have for anyone maintaining an on-the-go lifestyle. I actually own two of these sticks; I keep one in my purse because the built-in blender makes it so quick and easy to apply in the car, and I keep the other one in my makeup drawer.


Okay, file this product under your Must Have list (also- I swear I use other beauty brands but these new products keep fueling my NARS obsession, so bear with). This stick allows for a no-fuss eyeshadow application. You don’t need to carry a clunky palette around, and forget about the brush. You can simply use your finger to blend. Yes, your finger. Unreal, right? I know. The sticks twist up upon demand and blends effortlessly as you glide it over your lids. The results are gorgeous and you can build upon your look to give yourself a natural glow or make a bold statement. It’s ridiculously convenient and easy to carry around during the work day or when traveling.