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2 • aug • 2017

Beauty Kit Essential: Endurelash



Do you love eyelash extensions?  They just make life so much easier, especially in the summer months.  Roll out of bed, wash your face, put on your tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course) and you’re good to go!  Great for beach days when you don’t want your eyes to feel naked, but you also don’t want the mascara drip look.  One of the biggest worries about eyelash extensions is getting them to last as long as possible.  Insert: ENDURELASH!  These cloths are specially designed to remove eye makeup while extending the life of your lashes.  The cloths are washable and even come with their own mesh bag.  No more wasting cotton pads!

Read on for a Q + A with the founder and check out the testimonials!

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Q + A With Nikki


What inspired you to create this Endurelash?


After wearing eyelash extensions for several years  I couldn’t find a product out there to buy that allowed me to ever feel like I was accurately cleaning around my extensions.  Drying the extensions after showering, swimming, or exercising, posted challenges as well. A standard terry cloth towel would snag, pull, or shed into them, so it creates this mindset that you don’t want to get them wet! This is not true! For better retention and not risking infection around the eyes, you have to clean them and get them wet! So I started brainstorming, prototyping, and designing a solution for myself! Hence, Endurelash Organic Eyelash Cloths was born.


What has been the biggest challenge in creating, branding, and launching a beauty product?


The biggest challenge creating the product was finding the contacts within the industry who would actually listen and understand my concept. I came from a medical device background, so I had to ask a lot of questions in order to understand how I was going to actually bring my vision to life! So it took months to find someone who actually understood what I wanted to develop.  Then it took several more weeks to actually find a seamstress and manufacturer to help design and create the cloths!

Launching the product had its own set of challenges! I started with a website that didn’t accurately function, I was a complete newbie on social media, and I’m still trying to change the lash worlds mentality of it being okay to get your extensions wet and place a cloth type material on them. I’m having to create this trust within the booming lash industry, a shift somewhat in how lash artist teach their clients aftercare. There’s never been anything like Endurelash Organic Cloths for them to provide their clients. So I feel like I’m being tested and reviewed over and over in order to gain this trust! Bottom line is Endurelash Cloths are two cloths that you can hand lash clients as a help protect your investment type of situation! You have to clean your lashes, it’s okay to get them wet, you now have Endurelash Organic Eyelash Cloths to help you maintain your lash investment!


Where can we find you on the weekend?


On the weekends I am with my beautiful three boys! My love and my light! And they are full of energy!


Where do you want to see your company in 5 years?


In five years, I want to see my company writing large checks to the Ronald McDonald House Family Room projects in honor of my late daughter, Chyler. I also want to help support! The heart and soul behind ENDURE-lash is to help build more family rooms across the country. These rooms help others find a moment of silence, a snack, a shower, just a moment of peace, without having to leave the hospital when enduring next to a sick or dying child in the hospital. The company name, ENDURE, pop of pink in the logo, even the price point $25.10, are all backstory brand details of my daughter, Chyler. I do believe that I’ve come as far as I have in a short period of time because of a greater vision… a greater purpose, a divine intervention that’s brought me this far. And I will keep going as long as the force within me still lives…

To Endure,

Nikki Huebner


“EndureLash has been such an amazing product for me! With JUST warm water I’m able to remove all my makeup!! Not only do I feel confident that I’m taking off my makeup with something that is SAFE, hypoallergenic, and cost-effective, I also love that I’m supporting a company that has a higher mission to serve others and help change the lives of kids and families who are facing unthinkable circumstances. I recommend EndureLash to everyone I know!”

Molly Stillman, Podcast: Still Being Molly

“I’ve been getting eyelash extensions here and there for the past 3-4 years. Once I started using the Endure Lash Cloth to dry off my extensions, I never had my extensions last SO long. After the 3rd week, my extensions still looked full and fluffy. The cloth is perfect to travel with, super easy to wash, and amazing quality. If you are spending a good amount of money to get your extensions, you should definitely consider investing in getting Endure Lash Drying Cloth!“

Tatyana Cheban, Beauty Vlogger


Get your own set of Endurelash soft, hypo-allergenic & organic fiber cloths and SAVE 10% with our code: Bond20