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27 • sep • 2017

apArt Private Gallery comes to NYC



About Thais Marin

Thais founded apArt Private Gallery, offering exhibits for emerging artists, with her husband. Thais is a fiercely spirited entrepreneur who took the inspiration from German collector Christian Boros’ initiative to transform a Berlin bunker into an art gallery, where he also lived. Thanks to Thais apArt has quickly grown to become the #2 ranked private art gallery in Brazil for emerging artists, transforming non-collectors into art collectors, and has sold over 350 pieces of art in addition to launching the careers of some very prominent artists.

apArt is coming to NYC, see the event details here.


 What is apArt and how did you get to where you are now?


apArt is an unconventional way of experiencing art. We work to present new trends to the art world, not only empowering new emerging artists, but also new singers, poets, book writers. The art residency and also the art rental makes us more relevant in the Brazilian and Colombian market, we plan to have the same success due to this in New York as well.

The events that we do are special because it’s not an ordinary vernissage. From the host, that is always a character inspired by the exhibition, to the food and drinks. They are all thought to make the opening events an experience to people to feel more open to see and ask about the art, the price, the artist. We work to get them to feel at home.


What does apArt as a company stand for?


apArt Private Gallery is an art gallery built inside an apartment. It was created to provide a space for upcoming artists, and expose art to the general public giving them an opportunity to enjoy artwork, buy it and become collectors. apArt is apart from the conventional galleries especially because you are able to rent the art.

The founder Thais Marin and her husband, the artist Leo Macias – who is also an advertising creative director – first opened apArt’s iconic blue door in 2013, at their home located at the traditional neighborhood of Jardins, São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently apArt is also present in Bogotá, Colombia, and New York City, USA.

In New York, apArt is located on the Upper East Side and has the support of entrepreneur Maria Ines Moraes.

Thais with partner Executive Dir of apArt NY Maria Ines Moraes


What inspired the creation of apArt?


apArt was inspired by Christian Boros, a German communications

entrepreneur who transformed a former WWII bunker in Berlin into an

art gallery and a home, where he currently resides.

Serving as a cultural hub, apArt also hosts private events, book release

parties, intimate pocket shows or pop-ups, and any other cultural

events very privately


What brought apArt to NYC?


One of our main pillars is to provide opportunity for upcoming artists, we decided that going abroad we would be able to continue this work, especially in the advertising market where NY is located. With this in  mind, we met Maria Ines who is an entrepreneur and also passionate about art so she has the perfect ideals and also the place that matches with apArt proposal.


What kind of artists do you choose to work with, who have been some of your favorite female artists?


We always look to give opportunities to emerging artists, especially female artists. We love to work with artists that bring the fantasy of women, like Catharina Suleiman who brings wings to her work and makes women fall in love and want to fly with them – so many women buy her work. Another great artist is Angela Bassichetti who brings up sexuality in a way that is fun and ludic. And Lua Leça that is able to make her pieces even more beautiful with her poems over them.


Where do you see apArt in 5 years?


We see apArt spreading its concept all over giving opportunities to many artists as possible and creating new collectors showing them that it’s possible to buy art, it doesn’t need to be inaccessible. We want apArt to teach the public that everyone can and should appreciate art.

We remodeled the apartment in SP to focus on making the gallery inside it, so the space was designed accordingly. In NY apartment’s case, it’s was a big coincidence that Maria Ines’s apartment has a similar aesthetic to apArt SP. To have a gallery as our apartment, the most important thing is to have an open heart, the rest simply transforms from there.

Check out apArt on Instagram & read more on their website for past and upcoming events.